Call Us: 510-271-0822 770 West Grand Ave Oakland, CA 94612
OPEN: Thurs - Fri, 12 noon to 6 pm, Sat, 11 am to 5 pm

Join Gearbox Gallery, show your work and participate in the Oakland art community. 

An application form with more details is available here:   APPLICATION 

GearBox Gallery is an artist-run contemporary art gallery located at 770 W. Grand Ave, Oakland, directly below the well-established Transmission Gallery and across the street from Aggregate Space Gallery. GearBox is dedicated to showcasing the work of a broad range of regional contemporary guest artsts alongside the work of member artists in an artist-run space. As a member of Oakland Art Murmur we participate in the famous First Friday Art Walks and other OAM events.

Benefits of joining: 

• Exposure of your work: Member’s art is on display in the gallery on an ongoing basis. 

• Networking:  with our members, other artists, curators, critics and gallerists from the Bay Area and beyond.

• Exclusive “gallery only” Artist Opportunities through the Oakland Art Murmur

• Marketing benefits: Periodic advertising in Art Ltd. , weekly facebook & social media posts, press releases, etc.

• More independence and control: Without having to work through a dealer, GearBox artist-members may assume more independence in what they create and how the work is priced.

• Increased earning potential: GearBox Gallery, LLC’s commission on sold work is much less then the conventional galleries that often take 50%. Gearbox’s commission is 20%, our artist’s retain 80% of a cash sale. 

• Technical/business assistance: GearBox Gallery, LLC provides its members with opportunities to learn more about working with general business matters, such as obtaining insurance and accounting.

GearBox now has an opening for an artist member. Join us in showing your work, the work of your contemporaries and fostering community and education through intellectual and cultural exchange focused on the visual arts. 

An application form with more details is available here:   APPLICATION 

For best results with the online form, fill out the applicaion in your browser and then either “Export as PDF” or “Print” as a pdf to your pc, giving it a file name that includes your last name. 

Please submit your application and portfolio information to, or contact us if you have questions about participating in an artist-run exhibition space.