Gearbox History

Engage! An Opening, at GearBox Gallery

Gearbox Gallery was founded in 2015 by a group of artists from Gallery 621 in Benicia, CA. After finding out the Benicia gallery’s lease would not be renewed, several artists began looking for a new space to house their vision for a collectively-run art gallery. 
At a gallery meeting, Ruth Santee offered rent a space she co-owned in Oakland, which was also the location of a gallery she co-owns, Transmission Gallery.  Many members drove to Oakland to see the new space. In the meantime, another space was found in Benicia. Half of the members decided to stay in Benicia and the other half came to Oakland and rented the space near Transmission Gallery, thus Gearbox was born. Our first show at the newly named, newly formed gallery, was a pop-up! This came after the founding members: TaVee Lee, David Fitzgerald, Joseph Mele, Ruth Santee, Linda Stevenson Dunlop, Susan Aulik, Kari Brink, Phyllis Lasche and Betsy Kluga, all worked very hard to transform warehouse space into a gallery.

In the list of names below, we’ve included links to the exhibitions in which each artist, juror and curator was a part.

GearBox Gallery Alumni:

Gearbox Gallery Guest Artists and Guest Jurors:

Axis Gallery

Alan Azhderian

Angela Baker

Drew Bennett

Cameron Brian

Joy Broom

Chandra Cerrito

Carol Dalton

Jessica Eastburn

Jack Fischer

Jane Fisher

Linda S. Fitz Gibbon

Ken Gulley

Lloyd Hamrol

Stan Huncilman

Kimberlee Koym-Murteira

Pancho Jiménez

George Lawson

Jerry Leisure

Frances Lerner

Bachrun LoMele

Trent Nahas

Janet Norris

Spencer Pittenger

Matthew Priest

Deborah Orapllo

Parra O’Siochain

Sherry Parker

Maria Porges

Andy Rappaport

Robert-Jean Ray

Sawyer Rose

Tiffany Schmierer

Leslie Plato Smith

Patricia Sonnino

Maryann Steinert-Foley