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irréalisme: Kari Brinck / Darrell Hunger

October 1 - 24, 2015
FIRST FRIDAY RECEPTION:   October 2nd from 6-9 pm
irréalisme: a type of reality, the other reality, a world of reality
that may or may not actually exist

Kari Brinck’s recent paintings reference an easy immersion in cyberspace, a sphere of reality now so pervasive it often assumes a greater sense of presence than the “real” world at hand. Intrigued by the psychology of this irréalisme, or irreality (a type of reality, the other reality, a world of reality that may or may not actually exist) after spending many hours on Skype and exploring the world via the internet, Brinck determined to give expression to these experiences of immersion in this alternate reality through the endeavor of painting. Like other artists working on concretizing perceptual realities, specifically our new found ability to live virtually through electronics and co-created on-line schemas, she uses strategies that make use of digital references combined with the physical materials of canvas and paint to allude to the moods and emotional experiences that make up her very real Cyber Sundays.

Darrell Hunger explores alternate existences in a very different way. Bringing together disparate elements, Hunger creates another type of reality, a new existence for discarded, abandoned or misplaced materials. Time, catastrophe or circumstances may have intervened to distort or interfere with the function or intended purpose of some tool or artifact. Rescued and reworked in Hunger’s hands they find a new purpose. These often fanciful constructions could be characters from an alternate universe, reawakened and reassembled in a new reality, one that playfully intersects with ours.

Also at GearBox TaVee McAllister Lee’s Princess Project in the Inner Room and work by artists: Jules Campbell,  David Fitzgerald, Betsy Kluga, Phyllis Lasché, Joseph Mele, Ruth Santee and Gina Telcocci.

And just upstairs at Transmission Gallery: Variations on Abstraction 2010-2015, Part I, curated by Robert Ray.