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Phyllis Lasché & Paula Boas
April 26 - May 26, 2018

Oakland Art Murmur First Friday Reception, May 4th, 6-9 pm

above image: left - Phyllis Lasché, River Dance, oil and wax, 36" x 48"
right - Paula Boas, Thought Marks 3,, charcoal, crayon and acrylic, 30" x 30"

The paintings of Paula Boas & Phyllis Lasché share a sensibility that celebrates abstraction and the evocative power of mark-making and texture, as well as an atmospheric quality that suggests space and depth.

“Lasché's new work shows (her) walking into deeper waters of emotion. These pieces have a raw and human quality we've not seen before. One cannot help but feel them viscerally, and one cannot help but want to touch them physically. Intense colors and gouges juxtaposed against calmer, quieter areas in the surface make the paintings feel along some spectrum of wounded, healing, and scarred.”

        – Jerry McLaughlin, artist & author, “Cold Wax Medium”, 2018

"Paula Boas speaks in her own language of subtle colors, some layered opaque and some transparent. These layers of acrylic paint are on canvas or panel with multiple textures, sometimes with a smooth waxy surface that is reminiscent of encaustic. One stylistic series has fields of charcoal script that contrasts with or melds into the paint. In other works, script is used more sparsely but still alludes to a symbolic human touch without words. The symbolic script merges into color transitions and shapes that take the viewer into the world of her exploration."

        - Kevin Milligan, Owner, Kevin Milligan Gallery, Carmel, California, 2018