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In the main gallery:

Stephanie Thames and Jamie Treacy

June 11 to July 19

Stephanie Thames

Phenomenal Woman

15”L x 16”H x 12”W

Ceramic, Glaze, Acrylic, Fabric, Jewelry


Jamie Treacy

Cradle the Ugly Spirit

acrylic, colored pencil, cut paper and paint marker on panel

18” x 24” 


Stephanie Thames’s ceramic sculptures and Jamie Treacy’s mixed media paintings are brought together in this exhibition around the theme of “Shadow Work” or exploring the avoided and hidden parts of one’s psyche. The exhibition title “Unbinding” speaks to the art practice as a metaphor for personal healing and growth.


Stephanie’s ceramic sculptures consist of new and previous works that have been extended to tell her self-reflective story of fear, trauma and the need for autonomy. Jamie’s mixed media paintings on panel explore using abstraction as a tool to excavate and examine his subconscious behaviors.

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