the Princess Project: TaVee McAllister Lee

Site specific installation of 246 Sleeping Beauties each downloaded
within the same 48 hour period in October, 2012.

Showing in the Inner Room at GearBox Gallery 
October 1 – 24, 2015

n researching another project, I entered the Google search terms Sleeping Beauty Dress, Sleeping Beauty Costume, Sleeping Beauty Princess and was amazed at the array of Sleeping Beauties returned in my online search.

Fascinated by the images flowing forth in all their varieties and shades of pink, I started to download them and pretty soon had a hundred. Intrigued, I decided to see just how many I could find. After an exhaustive 48 hours I had acquired nearly 250 unique head to toe, reasonably high-resolution images of Sleeping Beauty dress up before exhausting the image search parameters I had set. Each one of them was produced in the real at about 7″ high and is part of this installation.

TaVee McAllister Lee: Princess Project at GearBox Gallery
TaVee McAllister Lee: Princess Project, detail