Burn Pile: Bachrun Lomele

Congrats to Bachrun LoMele who won our 2018 Inner Room call for entries for an Inner Room exhibition. His special installation, Burn Pile is on view in the Inner Room, August 30th through October 6th, 2018. 

detail of LED lights and words written on lumber installed in a pile

Burn Pile links people in a community of heart-felt incoherence, and imbues meaning by leaching out meaning. Truth donors have been invited to speak in a private booth, their words randomly scrambled with previously donated statements. These truth essences are now commemorated and heaped. Intentions of truth and sincerity remain?

GearBox is one of three California venues hosting the output from Bachrun LoMele’s Burn Pile. Installations of the work can also be seen in “Hecho a Mano”, at Los Angeles Art Association through August 24, and in “Pressing Matters 2018”, at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art Aug. 24 – Oct.14.

The Inner Room is an intimate interior exhibtion space at GearBox Gallery. Periodically the gallery hosts special exhibits or installations in this special space.