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July 5 – August 10

Opening Reception: Friday, July 6th from 6-9 pm

First Friday Artist’s Reception: Friday August 2nd from 6-9 pm

Special Event: Artist’s Process Lecture and Discussion
Speaking Truth Through Paint: 
Heather Wilcoxon Talks about Her Relationship With Painting

Saturday, August 10th, from 2-4 pm 

“Resonance” brings together 2 artists who use abstraction and the inherent visual and physical qualities of their media to communicate. Sonnino’s paintings & Telcocci’s sculptures share a reliance on shape, form, pattern, and structure. In the works of both artists, these abstract qualities evoke complex associations and emotional states. 

From her artist’s statement: “reckless spaces”, “collisions… of colors and textures”, and “cacophony of energetic movement”, are apt descriptions of Patricia Sonnino’s paintings. They begin with small collages concocted from collections of the daily barrage of images, words, and experiences. Working with instinct and a restless spirit, she transfers these visual ideas onto canvases with a kind of deliberate abandon. Line, color, and pattern push & shove one another boisterously in the densely-packed confines of each painting.

Sculptural objects by Gina Telcocci also rely on the elements of shape, pattern, and surface. Visual rhythms of woven and assembled structures accent simple abstract forms and organic materials. Humble materials – reeds, roots, seed pods, used and found detritus – are intrinsic to both the emotional tone and the ideas embodied in the work. The enigmatic objects that result blur the distinction between the ordinary and the precious