Immaterial Cascade: Sandra Kelch / Inner Room

October 17 to November 16

Congratulations Sandra Kelch! Exhibition runs in conjunction with Spaces Between exhibition in the main gallery

Immaterial Cascade (2019) by Sandra Kelch

8′ x 8′ x 8′ multi-media installation

monotype, giclee and digital prints on fabric

Immaterial Cascade is a print-based installation that represents urban space in flux as a result of post-industrial changes. These changes include the obsolescence of physical form and the proliferation of immaterial functions; such as digital communications. A visual language of shapes is created fromthe complex layering of elements derived from the material city. There is an outward expansion of dematerialization between elements floating in space. These hybrid forms result in a new representation of the city as a space of both concrete and virtual influences.

Immaterial Cascade invites viewer interaction within the space.

Installation closeup view