SANCTUARY: Gearbox Juried Show 2020

Exhibit Dates: August 7 – September 5, 2020

About the Exhibition:

The Gearbox Gallery sponsors an annual, juried, themed exhibit. The theme for the 2020 exhibit is sanctuary. Looking to the dictionary one finds various definitions of the word sanctuary but commonality is found as a place that provides refuge or protection and/or a place that is sacred. Mr. Guzman has selected a group of work that explores the theme both pointedly and more broadly, in various mediums both two and three dimensional. 

Given the uncertainty of the times we are all witness to – global viral and economic pandemics, systemic racism and violence, homelessness and refugees and more – the theme of sanctuary is all the more relevant and its exploration, here, both profane and sacred. As Mr. Guzman points out, the work in this exhibit predates both the advent of the pandemic and the murder of George Floyd, which makes it all the more prescient as it seems, in various ways, to comment on both. So much has transpired since the inception of this exhibit; the world is, quite literally, a different world. The future is uncertain. These artists have not only reflected on our world but also given us previews into possible futures.

This remarkable exhibit also speaks of home in the sense that home is often a place of sanctuary and a sacred place. Home may be a place one never leaves or a place one returns to after long personal journeys. Paradoxically, home may also be a place one has never been. All too tragically, home may be a place one has lost. These artists through their art will remind you of your home and what it means to find sanctuary there or elsewhere or, we must say, perhaps nowhere.

 -Dennis Hanshew (Member)

About the Juror:

Juror René de Guzman is the Director of Exhibition Strategy and Senior Curator of Art at the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA). Before joining OMCA in 2007, de Guzman was Director of Visual Arts at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, a contemporary art center in San Francisco. Past exhibitions include Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Dan Clowes, Question Bridge: Black Males, All Power to the People: Black Panthers at 50, and RESPECT: Hip-Hop Style and Wisdom, among others. De Guzman’s next projects on the legacy of Angela Davis opens in spring 2021.

Award Winners:

Juror's Choice: Heidi Brueckner

Oil, acrylic, and paper on canvas; 56

Tween (Anika), Oil, Acrylic, and Paper on Canvas 56″ x 30″ 2020 | $1,700

Gearbox Inner Room Exhibition Award: Lori Murphy

Staples, graphite, and wax on a book page; 12.75

Looking For Eden, Staples, graphite, and wax on a book page, 12.75″  x 9.75″ 2020 | $400

Included Artists:

Peter Adamyan, Angela Baker, Francis Baker, Brandin Barón, Tony Bellaver, Pamela Blotner, Noah Breuer, Heidi Brueckner, Kimberly Campisano, Tonita Cervantes, Mark Coggins, Jim Darke, Dana DeKalb, Stephanie Dennis, Hope Ezcurra, Jane Fisher, Jo Ford, Gina Gaiser, Sheila Ghidini, Stacey Gregory, Christine Huhn, Jane Ivory, Leah Korican, Kimberlee Koym-Murteira, John Lucas, Linda MacDonald, Mary Marsh, Gary Miller, Beverly Mills, Lori Murphy, Annie Ng, Cindy Ostroff, Mie Preckler, Steven Schwartz, James Shefik, Elizabeth Sher, Bob Slote, Eliza Thomas, Jeanie Wakeland and Dave Yoas