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Omens and Observations: Harry Clewans and Arthur Gonzalez

September 11 through October 10, 2020
Virtual exhibition and in the gallery

Harry Clewans

Harry Clewans, Sculpture In the Park In Winter, 2019, 68x58, assembled woodblock prints on panel

Harry Clewans is an artist and member of the Gearbox Gallery and works in his studio not far distant from the gallery.  His work is detailed and precise and the process very timeconsuming, beginning with woodblock prints that are then cut up and reassembled into another image, usually derived from a photograph or photographs.  To experience his paintings is akin to looking through a telescope first from one end and then from the other, first to see all the minute detail and then to see the whole image.  I always ask artists why they do what they do; why they make their art.  And like most artists, Harry’s answer was equivocal.  “I wonder what will become of all this stuff.  I don’t know.  It’s what I do.”

Arthur Gonzalez

Arthur Gonzalez, Scapula, 22x16x10, ceramic

Arthur Gonzalez is a ceramic sculptor with training as a painter and therein lies the adventure, “What happens when a painter exists in sculptural ideas?”  He uses clay and other materials to construct his sculptures and takes his inspiration from the figure, found objects, books and even the shape of the inner ear, “traversing the object and the image together.”  When asked why he makes his art, he answered, “Honestly, it’s a really short answer.  It’s to keep my sanity.”