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Curated by Ruth Santee
Aug 26 – Oct 2, 2021

Opening Reception on Saturday, August 28th, from 1-3pm

Including work by:
David Kimball Anderson • Jerry Ross Barrish • Lynn Beldner • John Casey • Cheryl Coon • Roger Daniells • Vicki Gunter •
Carrie Lederer • Ruth Santee • Tiffanie Turner • Franca Van Allen

Throughout history, flowers have commanded human attention. Our relationship with flowers is special. In many ways it is symbiotic. Wild flowers being the exception, most flowers are cultivated and require human care. In return, flowers provide us with a rich cultural, and sensory experience. There are countless cultural and scientific references to flowers throughout history.  Humans have designated the flower as a symbol of birth, death, love and honor. We adorn our bodies, our homes, our churches and our graveyards with them.  We pick them, plant them, buy them, pollinate with them, draw them, sculpt them, dry them, eat them, preserve them and heal with them. For most people flowers carry enormous symbolism, provide soothing sympathy and are an integral part of many of cultural ceremonies. Flowers heighten our awareness. By using all of our senses, our continued relationship with flowers connects us to each other and the environment. 

This exhibit promises more than mere reverence for the “flower”. Posies: A Pocketful explores the unique interpretations 11 established artists have with this subject matter. 

Posies in this exhibit include: Bronze, steel Ikebana, abstracted zip tie flowers, ceramic blossoms, dancing paper mache flowers, illuminated neon flora, floral assemblage of found objects, paper flowers, and flowers on paper.

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