Diane Williams: Video – In the Artist’s Studio

Santa Fe “A Sense of Place” : Developing Your Signature Style in Abstract Painting

Whether a world traveler or a homebody, a sense of place naturally finds its way into our painting. Social isolation has allowed us to consider our internal space more than ever. In this workshop we examine the concept of “place” by painting the essence of landscape – both internal and external. You will practice abstract acrylic painting techniques that are connected to the spirit in nature. Abstract painting is often misconstrued as an unrecognizable style of painting where no standard rules of perspective, color theory, or composition exist. We will dispel that myth.

Venture with us into the realm of self-expression by learning to harness nature’s energy and direct it onto the canvas. We begin by demonstrating techniques that get you in touch with your surroundings. And we’ll also identify how “place” is sensed, perceived, and then translate into abstract painting.