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Submit your proposal by September 28th!

Gearbox Gallery, 770 West Grand Ave., Oakland, CA

Exhibit Dates: December 1, 2022 — January 6, 2023

Entry Deadline: September 28, 2022, 10 pm Pacific Time Zone

Eligibility: Open to artists over the age of 18.

Work by the selected Artist will be exhibited 12/1/2022 through 1/7/2023. GearBox Gallery will provide a postcard featuring the installation, and will promote the exhibit along with our already scheduled show. A reception for the exhibit will be hosted concurrent with the reception for the featured exhibit that month.

The Artist will be selected from images & a written proposal submitted online, and will be juried by the Gearbox Inner Room Selection Committee. There is no theme. Selection will be based on the quality of the artwork, with special emphasis on how it relates to, enhances, transforms, or makes innovative use of the space.

Please note, installation artists will be responsible for delivery and retrieval of work, as well as for any special installation procedures & equipment (video projector, etc.) that may be necessary. The artist should expect to actively participate in the installation process, and plan to patch the walls after artwork removal. GearBox Gallery will provide help with installation, with basic tools and step stool/ladder available. 

The Inner Room is 8’ X 8’ X 8’. It has a “2-tone” linoleum floor & sheetrock walls & ceiling, with a small bank of lights. There are 2 elec. outlets on one wall, a single light switch on the opposite wall, & a doorway (with no door) to the main gallery space. Please refer to the photos & floor plan included here, and/or visit the gallery to view the space in person.

Work shown in the Inner Room is expected to be for sale, either as a complete installation, or individually priced components or artworks. The gallery will handle sales. The Artist’s commission on sales is 60%. 

Entry fee: $25.00 fee can be paid by PayPal or credit card by clicking the PayPal link at the top of the page (to pay by credit/debit card without a PayPal account, select “check out as a guest” and follow the prompts) or mail checks to  GearBox Gallery at 770 West Grand Ave., Oakland, 94612.

Entries: Please submit 3 images of work—either the work to be displayed, or previous work similar to your proposal. Also, please submit a concise written summary of your proposal (1000 words or less). You may include sketches or diagrams. All proposals should be submitted in either a PDF or Word file. Submit your proposal by clicking the “Submit Proposal” button above and filling out the on-line form.

Notification: The winning proposal will be announced by October 2nd, 2022.

Past Inner Room Exhibitions: Check out some of our previous Inner Room Exhibitions, including past winners of the Inner Room Call for Entires, the GearBox Gallery Award winners from our juried shows, or member artist installations.A