Piste (as part of the series Solo Occupancy)

Digital Illustration

24″ x 32″



Piste is 1/6 parts of Solo Occupancy, a deck of digital illustrations of strange people alone in strange places. 

Originally, the series was inspired by the complex feelings that arose from self-isolation, but over time grew to be more complex. Its slightly sinister atmosphere is inspired by certain facets of abnormal psychology — delusions of persecution, delusions of control, psychosis, and catatonia. 

Piste is imbued with an irrational mixture of artificial and natural elements contributing to its sense of surreal impossibility. Not only is the space itself indefinable, but the protagonist’s body is contorted, in an eccentric way such that it’s impossible to discern exactly what they are doing and why. The viewer is invited to imagine where this place exists and its proximity to us.