A New Life

Watercolor on paper

Framed and matted, H32′ W41″ D1′   (unframed H22″ W30″)



I am sure everyone who is alive on the planet is meant to be here. There are no wrong lives. This painting reflects my understanding of that idea. It is a narrative work that asks the viewer to contemplate the hypocrisy of our American ideals and the systemic and long history of mistreatment of “other”. Our country has claimed to be the sanctuary of the world, a melting pot of diversity, when in fact history shows we have treated immigrants barbarically, as well as indigenous people, if they did not meet certain criteria mostly around identity or wealth. It is through understanding, not control that true sanctuary flourishes. Sanctuary is more than safety, it is peace,it is more than tolerance, it is being welcomed, sanctuary is being loved for who you are, knowing you belong wherever you are. There is sanctuary in a Fathers loving embrace even if there is no safety.