If a Castle

Gum bichromate, watercolor on traditional ground on panel

29 h X 40 W X 1 D



My main focus during the last four years, looks at the reality of American society includinghomeless encampments mixed with middle and upper class split-level architecture. Continuing this investigation, I began creating temporary shelters, in the studio, charged from the street and immediately available debris, mixed with personal remnants and hubris filled projections. Delving into root causes of the current homeless crisis such as childhood trauma and mental health, I am looking into my personal story: a lower middle class family slipping lower, supported by octogenarian caregivers, brought down by unregulated mental illness and drug struggles.If a castle is made in the studio and refers to the harsh existence of the street. Trampled under the boot of oppression to ones nadir, there can still be a spark of hope and freedom to be found. A bit of wrapping paper reminds one of presents past, however, the view to the outside is still obscured by power lines.