Under the Bay Bridge, San Francisco, California

Digital Photograph Custom C-Print 

20″ x 28″



I am an Oakland-based artist working primarily in photography and digital media. This work is an early morning Eastbound view of the Oakland – San Francisco Bay Bridge with an unsheltered person asleep on the Embarcadero Waterfront. It is a reaction to the lack of affordable housing in the San Fransisco Bay Area and seeks answers to the following questions: What happens to people and their belongings when they aren’t housed? What does it look like to live on the streets? How do the architecture and landscape change with a growing unsheltered population? In this age of Anthropocene, the human age, momentum is building to establish a new geological epoch that recognizes humanity’s impact on the planet. It is in this context that I explore images of everyday life – how we navigate through our environment, build structures, collect objects, and connect with others.