here 5.30.2020


12″ x 12 1/4″  x 14″ framed



My work explores the changing technologies of communication through a lens of personal experience and anxiety. My prints, artist’s books and installations look at how information is delivered and perceived, and the intersection of experience and memory.

I often do watercolors during travels or out in nature, but for years I have not painted scenes from home in the same way. When the shelter-in-place order came into effect, I began thinking about being here, the view from here, now. I wanted to take advantage of this time to celebrate and look closely at the views I see everyday, so I began to paint what I saw through the windows of my Oakland home. Painting and looking carefully provides a focus and a collapse of time, which gives me solace. Not having to go out to work, I have been able to enjoy being at home everyday, and am so grateful for the work of others to keep stores, hospitals, and services going for the rest of us.