Scrap computer parts, circuit boards,clay, acrylic, on wood




This piece is one in a series that shows the effects that the thriving tech industry has inflicted on the Bay Area.  Made entirely of clay, scrap computer parts, and circuit boards, this piece represents the fact that we are now all connected; that our data, privacy,habits, and personal information are constantly shared, hacked, observed, and targeted.  These practices can be for the greater good but there is a dark side to the information age.  As the tech industry flourishes, essential workers, low income workers and many of the diverse populations which are necessary to the function and vitality of a major city are displaced.  The homeless live in full view on the streets, tent cities are normalized, and drug addiction recovery and mental health resources are overwhelmed.  The tech industry can solve myriad problems, but does not offer any clear solutions to the aforementioned issues it helped create.