Wood/mixed media sculpture

34″  x 21″  x  8″



Sanctuary, refuge, place of repose. Being at home. Sanctuary begins in and returns to an experience of sacred connection. It requires safety, freedom from threat of harm. It demands acceptance, inclusion. Respect. To provide sanctuary is to invite the possibility of sacred connection—perhaps as quiet as a fleeting glimpse, a momentary pause of reflection. A whispered conversation—a shared secret—with supportive beings and forces, whether human or beyond. A song of possibility, justice, longing, peace in a protected place—accompanied by instruments of attunement. hearth is such an instrument.

The materials of hearth integrate indigenous and immigrant elements:

Indigenous serpentine (with jasper inclusion) suspended by tensioned steel music wire within sanctuary shrine body of (immigrant) camphor wood, elevated in front of indigenous black walnut back with manzanita inlay, with pegs of walnut and (immigrant) hard maple. Three fragments of charcoal from indigenous valley oak, burnt in 2017 fire, on altar shelf.