Nature Remains

Photographs and hand cut text

17″  x 34″ 



Resource Extraction is a focused and deliberate critique on the extraction industry of forest clear cutting in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Upon seeing the first clear cut, I felt an urgent need to use my creative/art practice to respond to what I fell is an assault on the environment. Confronting the theme of human activity being the dominant influence on the climate and
environment are central to the content. I use a classic photographic approach to create images with the desire to share what I witness. Some of the multi-image pieces have words/poetry hand-cut from the prints. These words and the technique confront the anthropocentric practice of forest clear cutting by the hand cutting of the words to create a negative space in the images.

All the photographs, taken with a 120 medium-format film camera, are archival pigment prints.

Artist statement