OUTSIDE OF TIME – Chuck Potter and Diane Williams

March 19 – April 24, 2021

Making art is a solitary activity, but fully engaged with forces outside of time. Athletes know this place as the “zone”. This is the place where we are most powerful and creative. Time literally collapses as our experience creates a hyper focused state. When in the zone, or outside of time, actions become instinctive and effortless. This is why art has a healing effect on the maker. Being in the zone allows creators to glimpse at a world beyond the limits of time to commune with the ancestors and ancients. There is wisdom in the place outside of time and an honoring of nature, life and self. 

Chuck and Diane are a married couple that share a large studio in the Benicia arsenal. Their process is not collaboration, but rather one of dialoguing and communicating. Chuck’s medium is various plasters, while Diane works with paint, paper, fabric and found objects. Both work by layering, then excavating between layers to reveal the history of the work. Even the parts that are buried or hidden have an important place in the work, and inform the final product. Every mark leaves an impression in the work that is integral to the energy of the piece. As a team, they tap into the void, where true potential exists. The artwork can be a portal to a realm outside of time where healing, creativity, inspiration and limitless potential have no boundaries.