Stone Soup:
Ordinary Matter

Deborah Benioff Friedman,
Phyllis Lasché, and
Gina Telcocci

Ordinary Matter

As artists, the three of us are observing and working with ordinary matter – the unnoticed, the discarded, extraneous, the disreputable and the beautiful scraps and fragments that we participants of this world leave in our wake.

In this exhibit are a selection of the pieces that have evolved from this visceral collaboration. They are unplanned, but carefully considered. We hope you find some of the beauty and terror in them that we find in ordinary matter.– Stone Soup (Deborah Benioff Friedman, Phyllis Lasché, & Gina Telcocci) Fall 2020

All artworks in this virtual exhibition are for sale unless marked with "NFS." Prices are in the caption.

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