Walking in the Dark

Marsha Balian and
Patricia Sonnino

Artist Statement - Marsha Balian:

Making art can be therapy, hard work, a distraction and an escape. The radical changes in how we must now live our lives since the onset of the Corona Virus pandemic have been unprecedented and without a doubt those changes have affected how we make art. For many artists, imagery of face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves and other items are being featured in their work. I find the limitations around human interaction that we must now accept just as difficult as the fact that we must protect ourselves by making use of face masks and other items. But I don’t feel inclined to memorialize or reference those items in my work.

Artist Statement - Patricia Sonnino:

Patricia Sonnino explores how shapes build a painting, how color moves it, and how pattern and marks create air and time. These paintings have grown from the strangeness of the present world. They occupy a space between what is and what is next. Like walking in the dark, they search for bearings in what has become unfamiliar, looking for cairns or totems to anchor a wandering mind. An abstract architecture of color rhythms and color clashes invites you to stay and explore, to snag an emotion or hidden memory in the painterly space.


Installation Shots:

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