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Harry Clewans & Trent Nahas

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CURIOSITIES: Harry Clewans and Trent Nahas

January 12 - February 11, 2017
First Friday Reception:  February 3rd from 6-9 pm

Both artists make use of fragments to piece together imagery or figures. Ordinary objects, detritus, and other odds and ends are combined to create the representations. The resulting works become densely packed with textures, gestures, and associations.

Harry Clewans creates his compositions with cut-out segments of original woodcut prints, which may be rendered from anything the artist studies, and which he keeps in a kind of library. The fragments of prints are then pieced together to form new images. His is a process of observation, rendering, deconstruction and reconstruction.

“I think of my library of woodcuts as a kind of periodic table, each one is an element that I can use to reconstruct the world around me; just as everything in our physical environment is composed of the same matter, my large pieces are composed of the same collection of woodcut images. This approach, I hope, communicates the idea that all things, by virtue of their makeup are connected, that all things participate in a cycle of composition and decomposition.”

Trent Nahas pulls his inspiration from the San Francisco Bay...literally. He finds many of his creative materials washed up on its shores. His sculpture similarly makes use of a plethora of salvaged objects and fragments of materials. These become parts of figures or creatures that suggest something about our complicated relationship to the environment.

And, in our Inner Room, Mountain Roomers, an installation by Darrell Hunger.

The exhibit will be at GearBox Gallery, 770 West Grand Ave in Oakland from January 12th to February 11th, 2017, with a reception on Friday, February 3rd.

The GearBox is open Thursdays and Fridays from 12 to 6 pm and Saturdays from 11 am to 5 pm. GearBox Gallery is also open 6-9 pm the First Friday of every month as part of the Oakland Art Murmur Art Walk.