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Linda Ellinwood & Diane Williams

October 19th - November 25th

Artists’ reception: Saturday, October 28, 1-4 pm

Artist talk: November 3, 5-8 pm

First Friday Hours: November 3, 5-8 pm

Linda Ellinwood
Collucution, 2023,
Palm stems, pods, driftwood, 20" x 16.5" x 20"
Diane Williams
From its Source Comes an Endless Flow of Water (diptych), 2020,
Mixed media on canvas, 71" x 60"


GearBox Gallery presents Palmy Paradox, sculptures by Linda Ellinwood and paintings by Diane Williams, that invite contemplation of the paradoxical nature of beauty, decay, and the hidden complexities within seemingly simple forms. Ellinwood’s intricately crafted sculptures invite us to ponder the ever-evolving nature of landscapes, seemingly infinite yet in perpetual transformation. In contrast, Williams’ smooth, waxed paintings conceal and reveal hidden processes, delving into the subtle shifts beneath the surface.

 The heart of this show is embodied in its title PALMY – glorious, delightful, flourishing, thriving, peaceful, joyous, hilarious; PARADOX – ambiguity, mystery, enigma.

About Linda Ellinwood

Ellinwood’s use of foraged natural materials as her primary medium since the 80s, ranges from tiny intimate sculptures to all-encompassing installations filling entire rooms. A piece of driftwood, pods, seeds or dried kelp may linger for years in the studio before she finds the right combination of elements. Although it takes hours of moving, rearranging, drilling, gluing, sanding, and even starting over to achieve that effect, the resulting sculpture then feels like it was always meant to exist together, as if it has actually grown together–a little bit of alchemy.

The Clay, the Flowers, the Mud and the Roots Know Your Name; 48" x 36"

About Diane Williams

Williams explores landscapes that at first appear infinite, but on closer investigation, are a celebration of the eroding and ever changing. Her work involves layering paint and rice paper to create intricate textures. She skillfully scrapes through the surface, giving rise to jagged, imperfect, and unpredictable shapes. The result is a striking contrast of warm and cool colors, hard and soft surfaces, which masterfully balances between weight and weightlessness. The natural landscape and surface of her paintings appear timeless but reveal the story of time itself.