Gina Gaiser: Photographic Essence

theater rehearsal
Socially Distant Musical Theatre Rehearsal, Digital Photograph archival artist print 18”x24”

Photographic Essencethe art of black and white photography

August 5–September 17, 2022: exhibition dates
Thursday–Saturday, 1–8pm:
 public hours
August 12, 5–8pm: opening reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk
September 9, 5–8pm: 2nd reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk

Featuring artists
Nick Allen, Norman Aragones, Sheldon Bachus, Annie Bates-Winship, Elizabeth Bernstein, Dana Christensen, Mark Coggins, Steve Cozad, Harlan Crowder, Olivier Desmet, Richard Dweck, Rory Earnshaw, Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, Suzanne Engelberg, Gina Gaiser, Julie Garner, Rick Gilbert, Stacey Grossman, Roni Hoffman, Kirk Lindgren, Yaniv Sherman, Rustam Tahir, Lois Tema, Beatrice Thornton, Mark Zukowski

Standing on the shoulders of great photographers such as Dorthea Lange and Ansel Adams, artists of today continue to transcend reality through the medium of black and white photography. Art Works Downtown’s exhibit—Photographic Essence—exposes a poetically dynamic experience by showcasing 25 artists working in this timeless medium. Viewers will surely discover new worlds, self-reflection, and fresh perspectives in the dance of texture, shape, subject, and light.

Scott Nichols, owner and director Scott Nichols Gallery, Sonoma; 

Art Works Downtown, 1337 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94601

Public Hours: Thursday–Saturday, 1–8pm 

Directions and parking: info 


Phone: (415) 451-8119